The Nanto Photo Library

写真This is a page that shows the excellence of Nanto using pictures.
Through these pictures you can enjoy the beautiful, seasonally changing scenery of the Gokayama gassho-style villages and Nanto's dispersed settlements.
If there is a photo you like, you can download and use it.
If you do use one of the photos, make sure you read and agree to the following points in the next section.

Terms of Use

The purpose of these pictures is to promote the development of the tourism industry in Nanto, so do not use any pictures from this site in a way that can harm Nanto's image.
These pictures are not to be used to create products for sale (such as postcards, photo albums, stamps, etc..).
These pictures are not to be used as the primary image in printed materials (such as on the covers of magazines or posters).
After using the picture once, delete it and do not use the same picture a second time.
Depending on the use of the picture, there are also instances where the use of a picture can be denied for a separate reason than listed above.
We request that a copy of anything being published using these pictures be sent to the Nanto City Tourism Association.